Heavy Duty Steel Ramp


The Heavy Duty Steel Ramp Helps to Easily Move Items in and out of Shipping Containers. Product Available On-Demand.

Nationwide Shipping Available



Heavy Duty Steel Ramp Specifications:

  • 12″ wide tracks
  • Heavy gauge diamond plate steel
  • Handles for easy pickup and storage
  • Rated at 6,000 lbs

Our versatile container ramp loading wedges are designed to accommodate the widest variety of equipment wheelbases used to load containers. Each section is extremely lightweight, thanks to all-aluminum construction, so that they can be easily positioned by one person without using additional equipment.

With a 10,000 lbs per axle. weight capacity, unique punch plate high-traction surface and wide surface you won’t find a safer or more durable product on the market. These wedges can be used on containers with a 6 in. lip.


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