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The final cost is determined on the basis of the current state of the packaging and the length of previous use. As a result, all are satisfied: the owners – because they can gain money for waste container,




Today is very popular not only the sale of containers, but such a service, as the purchase of Used 20ft flat rack containers.Taking advantage of the container once or for a certain time of used 20ft flatracks containers, many are wondering about how to deal with it in the future.

Modern companies offer you to redeem your container for a reasonable price. As well as, The final cost is determined on the basis of the current state of the packaging and the length of previous use. As a result, all are satisfied: the owners – because they can gain money for waste container, consumers .

As they can buy a used 20ft flat rack containers / y container containers at a discounted price.


  • Length: 6,058m
  • Width: 2,438m
  • Height: 2,591m
  • Width: –
    Height: –
  • Max gross: 34,000kg
  • Tare: 2,800kg
  • Max payload: 31,200kg
  • Capacity: –

Quality worth trust

Quality is essential for us both in terms of products and of services. Moreover, Paying attention to the smallest details in everything we do brings us non-stop improvement. Our company is trust all over the world – from Europe countries to United Arab Emirates or South Africa. Whereas, you can Join our list of satisfied clients today!

Partnership based solutions

Each load is unique 20ft flat rack containers. As each customer has its own needs and requirements. We combine these two elements, find critical points and propose the most suitable solutions. Long-term relationship allows to create effective model of business cooperation.

Used 20ft flatracks containers consist of a floor structure with a high loading capacity compose of a steel frame and a softwood floor and two end walls, which may either be fix or collapsible. The end walls are stable enough to allow cargo securing means to be attach and several flatracks to be stack on top of one another. Flat racks are available in 20\’ and 40\’ sizes.

A number of lashing rings, to which the cargo is secure, is instal in the side rails, the corner posts and the floor. The lashing rings may take loads of up to 2000 kg in the case of 20\’ flat racks containers or up to 4000 kg in the case of 40\’ flatracks.

Some types of 20\’ flat racks have forklift pockets.

40\’ flatracks have gooseneck tunnels at each end. In addition, they are sometimes equip with lashing winches with 2 metric ton lashing belts.

For transport of certain cargoes, flat racks may be provided with stanchions.


Flatracks are mainly use for transporting heavy-lifts and overheight or overwidth cargoes.

5 reviews for Used 20FT FLAT RACK

  1. Pete

    There was an issue with something which was out of Pacific shipping containers hands however Stuart was relentless at sorting it out!! Pretty rare to find companies like this. Very Good!!!

  2. Steven nicholson

    Have purchased 2 now and have had excellent service. Notice of delivery date . Then updated by driver. Driver was really helpful and lifted in place .. Also gave great advice on how to fit together.

  3. Lenka

    We were after a good ‘looking’ but cheap 40ft storage container which would allow us to process and store the books before we ship them to Kenya to become a library. We also needed the container to be positioned in a rather awkward place. The container arrived exactly in the middle of its delivery slot and the driver expertly placed it where we wanted it, without a single complaint. The container was one of the best used containers we have bought.

  4. Roy Chadwick

    Just wanted to say thanks for the efforts made to get us the container we needed for our very specific situation.

  5. James Kimani

    Third container I’ve brought off Pacific shipping containers for shipping to Kenya. Great service and even a Christmas present! The kids are so excited!

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